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  1. 12 Toughest Running Races On Earth

    We scoured the globe for the grittiest, battiest running races for testing the limits of human endurance – in more ways than one

  2. Coopah Is The New Running App Designed For Mental Wellbeing

    Coopah uses machine learning to tailor its training plans, as well as offering a community chat platform where runners can share their tips

  3. Build Strength For Running With This Six-Move Circuit

    Ward off injury and build lower-body strength and power to run stronger for longer

  4. Lessons Learned From Running 35 Marathons In 35 Days

    After his dad suffered a stroke at a young age, Alan Corcoran decided to grab life by the horns and take on a unique extreme endurance challenge

  5. Running For Just 10 Minutes Can Boost Mental Performance

    New research suggests a quick ten-minute run can sharpen up your cognitive skills to help turbo-charge your workday performance

  6. 26 Need-To-Know Expert Running Tips

    Endurance coach Robbie Britton has written a definitive guide to running. Here are just 26 of the 1,001 expert tips inside

  7. How To Pick The Right Shoe For Trail Running

    In the market for some new off-road runners? These five tips will help you find the perfect pair

  8. 10 Of The Best Men’s Running Shoes 2021

    We tested a selection of the latest running trainers – here are the ten that came out on top

  9. 5 Steps To Improve Your Running Technique

    Tap into the elastic energy of your fascial system by tweaking your running technique, says movement guru Shane Benzie

  10. How To Strengthen Your Core For Stronger Running

    To boost your running power, efficiency and durability, your core muscles need to be trained for the unique biomechanics of running

  11. Comedian Tiernan Douieb On The Joy Of Not Running

    The reluctant exerciser says the best thing about running is the stopping. In fact he's so hooked on the feeling that he's running more than ever

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