• Three best kettlebell moves

    Three best kettlebell moves

    14th October 2019

    Kettlebell training has enjoyed a well-deserved resurgence in recent years, due to its shape, size and easy-to-grip handle, the kettlebell is an incredibly versatile bit of kit, capable of doing everything the dumbbell can and more. You can use it…

  • Five common strength training mistakes

    Five common strength training mistakes

    4th October 2019

    Anyone can benefit from lifting heavy, but technique and timing are key. Personal trainer Ian Gardner explains. Heavy lifting isn’t just for burly blokes and powerlifters – anyone looking to injury-proof their bodies and improve their general wellbeing can reap…

  • Three Cardio Myths you Shouldn’t Take to Heart

    Three Cardio Myths you Shouldn’t Take to Heart

    4th October 2019

    Knowledge is power and you won’t get the results you want in the gym if you follow these three cardio myths. We set the record straight… 1. Cardio kills muscle Jack Hanrahan, personal trainer to the stars, calls this one…

  • Interview: DJ Scott Mills

    Interview: DJ Scott Mills

    29th August 2019

    Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills reveals how some unflattering holiday snaps kicked him into gear and sparked a seriously impressive shape-shifting journey The story of Scott Mills’ transformation may seem like an extraordinary one given his celebrity status as prime-time…

  • Get Military Fit

    Get Military Fit

    27th August 2019

    Grant King, founder of Military Fitness, sets a 45-minute lung-buster challenge to sort the men from the boys 2 rounds, no planned rest, aim to complete within 45 minutes 400m run 44 air squats 44 thrusters (30kg) 44 American KB…

  • Three Expert CrossFit Tips

    Three Expert CrossFit Tips

    15th August 2019

    Don’t split by body part Change your training style to include more than one body part. Super setting upper- and lower-body moves will increase your heart rate with no impact on the second muscle group, all the while increasing your…