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  1. 5 Protein Powder Recipes To Feed Your Muscles

    Can you add muscle mass with dessert, without sacrificing taste? Absolutely, says protein powder cooking guru Anna Sward

  2. Nutrition News: Avocado Benefits, Hemp Protein & Kitchen Confidence

    The standout facts and findings from the world of food research

  3. 7 Best Protein Cereal Brands UK

    Give breakfast time a boost with this new breed of high-protein cereals

  4. Crack On: 4 Protein-Rich Egg Recipes To Power Your Recovery

    The humble egg plays a starring role in these quick, high-protein recipes

  5. 3 Must-Try High-Protein Dinner Recipes

    Master these muscle-building mains to ramp up post-workout recovery

  6. Easy High-Protein Oat Bars Recipe

    These oat bars are the perfect pre- or post-workout fuel: high in protein, with a good mix of simple and complex carbohydrates

  7. Try These Healthy, High-Protein Comfort Food Recipes

    Comfort food doesn’t need to send your cholesterol into overdrive, as these satisfying, protein-dense and flavour-rich recipes from The Good Bite prove

  8. High-Protein Lunch Recipe: Sticky Chicken Burgers

    Trade fast food for muscle fuel with this loaded lunch

  9. 8 Of The Best Protein Bars For Muscle Recovery

    These protein bars represent the best in portable post-workout recovery

  10. 5 Best Clear Whey Isolate Protein Powders

    Struggle to stomach conventional shakes? Clear protein is the solution for you

  11. Promotion: Try Whitworths’ New Protein By Nature Range

    High-protein vegan cooking is made easy by Whitworths' new ready-to-eat pouches

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