Follow these three easy steps to boost recovery after a tough workout

1: Have a hot and cold shower

Alternating hot and cold water in the shower could help to speed up recovery time as cold water helps to flush out lactic acid, whilst hot H20 helps to relax muscles. Try one minute of cold water followed by three minutes of warm water. Repeat four times.

2: Try active recovery

Hit the pool or go for a quick jog to help tired muscles feel better. It’s thought that low intensity cardio can help to reduce tissue inflammation that causes pain after an intense session in the weights room.

3: Fill up

Just as it’s important to rehydrate after a workout, eating well will help to build muscle and boost recovery. Protein sources like eggs and chicken breast along with carbs like sweet potato and brown rice will help you recover better. Omega 3 rich foods like oily fish and nuts can help to dampen down inflammation caused by resistance exercise.