• Five Ways to Boost your Motivation

    Five Ways to Boost your Motivation

    15th August 2019

    Everybody struggles with staying focussed, committed and enthusiastic sometimes – but taking the following steps will help to spur you on…   Find your why Ask yourself why exactly you want to stay fit/get strong/eat better/be healthier. Whatever the answer, ask why again. For example, someone…

  • Three Expert CrossFit Tips

    Three Expert CrossFit Tips

    15th August 2019

    Don’t split by body part Change your training style to include more than one body part. Super setting upper- and lower-body moves will increase your heart rate with no impact on the second muscle group, all the while increasing your…

  • Five Steps to a Six-Pack

    Five Steps to a Six-Pack

    13th August 2019

    Build an impressive set of abs by following these essential rules… 1: Start each set tight and engaged When you train your abs you must ensure there is tension on your entire core before starting a set. Doing so will…