You know that regular exercise works wonders for both body and mind, and now it can improve the health of your bank balance, too.

Thanks to a development in the worlds of online gaming and crypto currency, Step App allows you to turn your workouts into a new type of social experience – one that pays you to do the exercise you’re already doing.

Step App users receive rewards for their daily run, jog, walk or hike with a token called KCAL. These tokens can be exchanged for actual currency on several major exchanges.

If you ever found yourself stuck for the motivation to get out and move, Step App could be just the prompt you need.

By gamifying your workout – and getting rewarded for your efforts – you’ll be joining up with fellow Step app earners, too.

The app uses geolocation technology to track players’ steps. The step count is then used to reward players for their physical activity.

So whether it’s a morning walk in the park or daily jog, Step App enables you to monetise your healthy habits, while socialising with and competing against others around the world.

Step App allows players to enter friendly player versus player (PVP) matches with people from their local area or other countries – a functionality called ‘tournament gaming’.

Players who enter a tournament compete with their step count, and get the chance to unlock unique skins and appear on a dedicated leaderboard.

To participate in a tournament, each user is required to pay for a ticket. The total value of those tickets gets stored in a prize pool that will be distributed among the tournament winners.

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  • Step App is the latest Move to Earn NFT game.
  • You earn KCAL tokens as a reward for staying on track with your exercise goals.
  • You stay active through engaging Web 3 gaming elements, immersive augmented reality technology, and in-game token and NFT rewards.
  • You get instant access to a digital community that motivates you to show up for your daily exercise.