With the majority of us now in self-isolation, here are seven ways to manage your health and fitness from home.

Six Apps & Devices To Keep You Fit In Self-Isolation

Photo: JP4

JP4 app
£59.99, pavelka.co.uk/JP4

Jessie Pavelka has over 15 years of industry experience as a qualified personal trainer. This January, he launched brand new health and fitness app JP4, addressing inadequacies when it comes to weight loss through the four key elements: ‘Eat’, ‘Sweat’, ‘Think’ and ‘Connect’.

With the ultimate aim to help you make changes that last a lifetime, the app challenges you to become more aware of your current behaviours, prompting you to take positive action.

With meal plans, home exercise routines, mindfulness podcasts and an overarching support network working to help you achieve sustained success, JP4 is an alternative to the gym, with a holistic twist.

Echelon Fit
£1,238.99 or £52/month (plus subscription fees), echelonfit.uk

Minus the built-in tablet display, Echelon is a more affordable option to Peloton. Great for anyone entering the spinning world, a separate tablet or smartphone is easily paired up via Bluetooth to solve the screen conundrum, providing access to endless training programmes.

Similar to Peloton, these include online classes led by certified instructors, scenic rides, live-studio immersive classes and more – with a bang for your buck of around 400-600 calories per session.

Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand
From £39 for 3 months (or £99 for annual pass), beachbodyondemand.com

Beachbody On Demand provides an all-access pass to over 700 workouts and nutrition programmes. Any device, any time, any where, you can stream superstar trainers straight to your screens.

The wide range of classes range from the MMA-inspired ‘Core De Force’ to the legendary Insanity workout, T25 and PiYo. There’s also the step-inspired Transform: 20, Morning Meltdown 100, LIIFT4, and many more.

Sign up today for your free 14-day trial.

W8 Gym
From £99, w8gym.com

For those wanting an alternative gym-style workout from inside your own four walls, W8 Gym has accurately coined the term ‘Gym in a Box’. An all-in-one piece of equipment, it includes resistance bands, dumbbells, a floor mat and more.

The team at W8 have found that you can do over 200 exercises: from step workouts, to assisted dips and HIIT routines. Anyone with 2m x 2m patch of floor can complete a full-body workout with W8. 

Six Apps & Devices To Keep You Fit In Self-Isolation – Men's Fitness UK

Centr | Photo: Greg Funnell

Centr app
From £7.83/month (six-week free trial currently available), centr.com

With Chris Hemsworth’s personalised, digital health and fitness platform, Centr, you can build a body like Thor from the sanctuary of your own living room.

Centr’s platform features content from a hand-picked team of internationally renowned experts – such as Elsa Pataky’s own yoga instructor, Tahl Rinksy, Chris Hemsworth’s PT, Luke Zocchi, celebrity PT and track athlete Ashley Joi, and many more.

With over 42 million minutes of exercise in the palm of your hand, and customisable programs to suit any fitness level, personal dietary and lifestyle needs, alongside meditation exercises and meal plans, Centr provides a unique taste of a Hollywood-inspired health and fitness regime.

From £175, sixpad.uk

Pioneered by Professor Moritani, PhD, a driving authority in the field of sports science having studied the effects of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training for over 40 years, SIXPAD’s products provide an innovative way to target your muscles.

SIXPAD isn’t a magic bullet. Wearing it every day for a month isn’t going to get you rippling abs like Ronaldo, unless your nutrition and training are also six-pack worthy. In short, you still need to put in the hard work elsewhere.

However, what it can do, if used consistently, is strengthen your core and lead to genuine gains in key areas of your training. If you lift weights regularly, one month’s use of the Abs Fit is likely to improve your squat, deadlift and any other exercise that’s boosted by a stable midsection. Runners, too, can benefit from the greater core control SIXPAD can provide.

Six Apps & Devices To Keep You Fit In Self-Isolation – Men's Fitness UK

Photo: Theragun

From £179, theragun.uk

Theragun’s percussive massage therapy is designed to prime your body for peak performance, spark back into life fatigued muscles and fast-track your recovery between training sessions.

Physician-calibrated by founder and chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland, Theragun’s unique combination of high amplitude (16mm) and low frequency (2400rpm) overrides pain signals sent to the brain, reaching 60 per cent deeper into the muscle than consumer-grade vibration massagers.

It might look like an alien warhead, but it does a good job of delivering effective DIY massage via a powerful pummelling head that’s great for getting into tight spots, improving blood flow and loosening everything up. The position of the head, the attachments and the pressure can all be adjusted to work on hard-to-reach areas.


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